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People skills, team building, relationship marketing, and public speaking to both large and small groups, lateral thinking, organising and co-ordinating, integrity.



May 1999 to date Work & Income New Zealand

Debt Management Officer

Duties include: locating and contacting debtors, recovering debt by negotiation, recommending further action on un-recovered debt.

From August 2000 duties changed to managing a specialist portfolio dealing with land and residential properties. In addition to legal title searches, the work requires extensive dealings with solicitors and their legal executives.

From January 2004 due to a demising portfolio, I have been given other specialists tasks acting as liaison with ACC regarding reimbursement and vetting written off debt for re-activation.

In October 2002 I was elected as a Unit delegate for the Public Service Association. In November 2003 I became a National Delegate and from May 2005 I have served on the PSA Leadership Team for the Ministry.

April 1999 to 2000 Waikato Honey Products

Project Manger (10% - short-term contract)

Duties included: formulate, guide, and oversee creation of educational Internet site and multimedia CD on bees and honey products.

October 1998 to Niloco Ltd,

01 May 1999 Operations Manager

Duties included: control and oversight of 3 retail copying service outlets, and one digital storage facility, staff control, general marketing, debit collecting.

October 1998 to University of Waikato, Technology Management and Innovation unit,

April 1999 Executive Officer (20% position - to cover transfer of programme to Waikato Management School, University of Waikato)

Duties included: financial and administrative oversight, relationship marketing, academic advice, Internet Web site maintenance.

March 1996 to date Tutor in English History (casual) University of Waikato Continuing Education Unit

May 1994 to University of Waikato, Technology Management and Innovation unit,

October 1998 Business Unit Manager/Executive Officer.

Duties included: administrative and managerial support to the unit, and the Director, in particular, providing budgetary advice and oversight, purchasing, designing and organising of training courses, creating and maintaining unit databases, organising and co-ordinating contract consultants and temporary staff, liasing with industry and other educational facilities, providing provisional building of courses, and providing student support. World Wide Web page creator and maintainer for unit and other sections of School of Science and Technology.

April 1989 to Telecom Networks and International/Telecom/Telecom

May 1994 New Zealand Networks and Operations, Network Operations, Hamilton,

Manager Administration.

Duties included: personnel functions, accounts, databases, travel arrangements, security of site, providing budgetary advice and preparing budgets, expenditure monitoring, purchasing, organising and overseeing meetings (including large scale international conferences), maintenance of site (including minor and major rebuilds), staff supervision.

January 1988 to NZ Telecom, Network Management Centre, Hamilton,

April 1989 Administration Supervisor.

Duties included: general clerical duties, purchasing, wages, statistics, oversight of computer LAN, accounts, establishing and maintaining databases, travel arrangements.

April 1987 to NZ Telecom, Toll Ex, Putaruru, Manager.

January 1988 Duties included: staff management, planning, statistics, oversight of Branch.

September 1974 to NZPO/NZ Telecom, Toll Ex, Te Kuiti, Supervisor/Snr

April 1987 Supervisor.

Duties included: staff supervision and control, statistics, overseeing training, wages and general clerical duties; Module Training leader.

August 1969 to NZPO, Toll Exchange Te Awamutu, Toll Operator/Telex Clerk.

September 1974 Duties included: Toll & Directory operating, basic training, TelEx 181 Conversion Training, Statistics.

July 1969 to NZPO, C & M Branch, Te Awamutu, Temp Labourer.

August 1969 Duties included: digging holes, laying cables, installing house wiring.

January 1965 to Horatio Myer & Co. Ltd. Bedding and Light Furniture

May 1969 Manufacturer of Vauxhall Walk, London, England, Production Clerk.

Duties included initially: Production chasing, statistics, load and work analysis, stock taking; Subsequently: control of repair shop and four staff, wage and work breakdowns, physical examination and analysis of faulty and damaged bedding.

June 1964 to British Civil Service, Home Office, Fire Dept. Whitehall,

December 1965 London, England, Clerical Officer.

Duties included: Inward/outward correspondence, organising training programmes, creating pen pictures relative to Honours and Awards, compiling statistics for parliamentary reports.

May 1965 to Wimbledon Stadium, Plough Lane, London, England, Bar

June 1969 Porter, General Porter, Bar Assistant, Hamburger Chef (all part-time positions).


1952-'55: Beatrix Potter School, Earlsfield, London


1955-'58: Earlsfield Jnr Boys, Earlsfield, London


1958-'64: Southfield's County, Southfield, London

(Senior) (House Captain & Prefect)



1963 to 1964: General Certificate of Education 'O' Level:

English Language

English Literature

General Science

Chemistry with Physics




Subsequent NZTCI Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Radio Theory

Qualifications: NZ Amateur Radio Operator's Licence

NZPO General Examination

NZPO Module Training Leader's Certificate

Excel Spreadsheet Stage I

Excel Spreadsheet Stage II

Microsoft Word 5 Introduction

Microsoft Word 5 Advanced

Word for Windows 6 Introduction

Word for Windows 6 Intermediate

Word for Windows 6 Advanced

The Order of St. John, Standard First Aid

Certificate of Proficiency in Historical Methodology (University of Waikato, Bachelor’s Degree, Second Year Course)


GENERAL During my time with the NZPO I received four Monetary awards and two commendations for suggestions made, and I

have also received a monetary award from Telecom for exceptional performance.


I am proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Corel Draw, Print Shop Pro, Front Page, Cool Edit (sound software), Adobe Premier (video software)

Within 10 months of joining Work & Income New Zealand I was their top performing Debt Management Officer.



1976 to 1979 Superintendent Anglican / Presbyterian Sunday School

Kihi kihi

1979 to 1982 Member of the Waikato Anglican Youth Council

1983 to 1990 N.Z Herald delivery agent for Kihi kihi

1980 to 1985 Leader of Te Awamutu Jnr Boys Rally

1985 to 1990 Overall leader of all sections of Te Awamutu Every Boys Rally

1990 to 1993 Helper in the Crèche Te Awamutu Bible Chapel

1990 to 1996 CD reviewer for "Jazz Rag" magazine

1993 to 1995 Programme producer for Auckland Motorcycle Speedway Riders Club

1993 to 1997 Waikato Area Organiser for NZ Speedway League Association

1993 to 1997 National Co-ordinator for NZ Speedway League Association

1993 to 1998 Speedway Columnist for "Kiwi Rider" and "Always Upright" motorcycle magazines. Columnist for NZ Dirt Track

1994 to 1999 Motor Cycling New Zealand (MC NZ) Steward (Speedway)

1994 to 2000 Secretary of the Speedway Commission (MC NZ)- Speedway

1994 to 2004 Member Business Computing Advisory Board, Waikato Technical Institute

1995 to 1997 National Coaching Co-ordinator (Speedway) (MC NZ)

1996 to 1997 Chairman New Zealand Solo Speedway Association Inc

1997 to 1998 Sunday School teacher Te Awamutu Bible Chapel.

1997 to 2005#9; CD reviewer for "King’s Jazz Review" magazine (UK).

1998 to date Member of Creative Ministries (Te Awamutu Bible Chapel) - actor

1998 to 2000 Technology journalist for Waikato Business News

2000 to 2005 Service Co-ordinator Te Awamutu Bible Chapel



Member of Auckland Motorcycle Speedway Riders Club

Member of Ulysses Club of NZ (motorcycle club for the 40+)

Member of Kihikihi Speedway Club (Assistant Coach Junior Solo Bikes)

Gesið Ða Engliscan Gesiðas

Honary member of Regia Anglorum (Englisc re-enactment group 900-1100 AD)

SCA (international medieval interest society) Sargeant Archer for the Ildhafn Militia, Captain of Archers, Canton of Cluain, Archery marshal, Combat Marshal

The Company of St George - Yeoman Archer (Edward III period re-enactment group)


History, particularly English. My special periods are: The English Civil War, Pre Invasion Saxon, the Norman Conquest and the 100 Years War.

Motor cycling in general. I am skilled in both solo and sidecar riding having held a licence since I was 16. I sometimes pit-crew for the MZ-NZ road racing team.

Traditional jazz. I regret that I am unable to play any instruments, but love listening to both live and recorded jazz. I have provided recordings and resource material to Radio Rhema for use on the "Just Jazz" programme.

Reading anything and everything. Whilst most of my reading is history related, I can sometimes be caught reading the cornflakes packet if there is nothing else to hand. In addition to modern English I am competent in both written and spoken Middle English, and, with patience, can understand written Old English (Anglo-Saxon).

From the age of 9 months I have been a speedway fan. My preference is for spectating, but I often end up helping organise and run the meetings. I also occasionally pit-crew for solo riders and a Formula 500 midget car.

Combat archer (live battle re-enactments)

I enjoy writing, and have many pen-friends world wide. I am also a regular contributor to the magazines published by the clubs I belong to. For many years I had articles on speedway regularly published in Kiwi Rider, and Always Upright motor cycle magazines, NZ Dirt Track magazine, local, and national newspapers. I have had a column on technology in the Waikato Business News. I regularly have articles printed in magazines dealing with Anglo-Saxon history. I am the author of two published adult novels: ‘Woden’s Wolf’, ‘Just for Kicks’.

For extracts see:

http://GeoffBoxell.tripod.com/wulf.htm and

http://GeoffBoxell. tripod.com /kicks.htm

I have also had two teen novels published: Big Bold Beowulf, Hard Hero Hengest

Hunting the Wren is a short novel recounting an incident of a distant ancestor, Sir Alan de Buxhall KG

I own and maintain my own personal Internet Web. Two of the sites are internationally recognised as being of exceptional value. My Jazz site: http://GeoffBoxell.tripod.com/jazz.htm contains general information on traditional jazz and a link to my CD review page, which is the largest currently on the Internet. My page on 1066 and the consequences of the Norman Conquest: http://GeoffBoxell.tripod.com/1066.htm is a recommended site for the US Navy Education Unit, and the Canadian Military College. Information Communication Teachers (a UK society of teachers) carry my paper on pre-Conquest England as a recommended resource for history teachers.

In conjunction with the Waikato Polytechnic (now the Waikato Technical Institute) I created and then marketed an educational CD ROM on 1066 and the Norman Conquest aimed at the UK secondary school market. See:


Since 1996 I have spent time giving talks on English history topics to various group. With my own Medieval household I have been involved with giving talks and fight demonstrations for schools within the Waikato region.



Married since 1968, my wife and I have three sons. We also have three foster daughters.









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