Lake LACD 131 2000 15 tracks 68 min

Catwalk, Are You The One, Ragtime Romp, Welcome Aboard, Gently Does It, Pamela, Stompin' Together, Nanna Tim, Swing 2000, Muted Trumpet Slide Trombone, Pretty Thing, Somebody's Blue - Not Me, Muggsy Remembered, Blues In A Minor Key, Miss Lil

Traditional Jazz is a many splendid thing, and because it is all about spontaneous improvisation within a loosely defined style, one tune can be played in many, many ways, and thus the music never gets stale. However, after being a traditional jazz fan for 40 odd years, I find myself craving new tunes. Often I will not buy a CD if it contains yet another selection of 'good old standards' that I already have umpteen versions of. Imagine my joy when I saw a whole CD of new tunes, all written with traditional jazz in mind.

All the tunes on this CD are written by Brian White, albeit at times with help and inspiration from others. The style is laid back Dixieland and I loved it. I am full of admiration, both for the band and composer of the tunes. I just hope that some of the leaders of other traditional jazz bands buy this CD and give the lovely tunes an airing. I believe Brian White's compositions have the capacity to be interpreted in many different ways within the traditional jazz idiom. He has written the tunes, now I want to hear them again and again in the many forms we have within this style of music we love.


LAKE LACD106, 1998, 13 tracks 63 minutes

All The Girls Go Crazy, Balling The Jack, South, Original Dixieland One-Step, Yellow Dog Blues, Muskrat Ramble, Ory's Creole Trombone, Savoy Blues, Clarinet Marmalade, Gettysburg March, Tin Roof Blues, Weary Blues, Without You For An Inspiration Dear.

After having played this CD, the obvious question to ask is "What Do Ory Say?" And the answer that springs to mind is: "Bloody Marvellous!" On this tribute album, the part of the classic jazz period's premier trombone player, Kid Ory, is taken by Britain's premiere trombonist from the revival period, Geoff "the dancing trombone player" Cole. Supporting Geoff in his role, is the lyrical and soaring clarinet of Brian White, and the brilliant trumpet of one of Britain's finest horn blowers, Alan Elsdon. They are backed by a a world-class rhythm section. All of this makes the CD a collectors CD, a must have CD, a total delight to listen to CD.

The sleeve informs that the, "Brian White's Tribute to Kid Ory", show made its debut in 1997 and has been a major attraction ever since, appearing both on stage and in jazz clubs throughout the British Isles. I'm not surprised that the show is such a success as this CD is sensational; there is just no other word for it. Having listened to and, indeed personally own, several albums either featuring the Kid on trombone, or of the Kid's own revival band that played during the 40s, 50s and early 60s, I know that this is not just a note for note copy of his works. All of the jazz musicians on the CD have a highly individual style of their own, and celebrate the spirit rather than the letter of Kid Ory's music. The combination of fine musicianship, classic jazz numbers, and extremely high recordings standards, make this a CD that you just have to buy. If you fail to do so, it will be something that you will always regret