Just for Kicks

A novel  by GR Boxell

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London in the the 1960s as seen by some of the South London Rockers who haunted places such as Chelsea Bridge, the 59 Club, Box Hill and the many transport cafes and by-pass lay-bys. Both the Mods and the Rockers were just out for a good time, the only problem was the police and other adults didn't seem to understand their idea of fun!

Written in a humorous style, the story is semi-auto biographical and the stories and characters are true. The events in the story come from the period 1964-69 but the novel is written as a complete year. The Author was involved in Bank Holiday 'riots' at Clacton, Brighton, and Hastings, and some of his experiences, and those of his mates, are mentioned in the book.

The book is only now available as an E-book. The cost is 5.00 pounds Sterling post and package included.