Jazz Crusade 2005 JCCD-3102 18 tracks 74 min

Where He Leads Me, Sometimes My Burden*, Near The Cross, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, In The Upper Garden, Just A Little While To Stay Here, The Last Mile Of The Way, Nearer My God To Thee, Sing On, Does Jesus Care, At The Cross, Down By The Riverside, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, I Shall Not Be Moved, In The Garden*, Lord Lord Lord, When I Move To The Sky*, Royal Telephone


Some felt that my review of Jackís last CD 'If We Never Meet This Side Of Heaven' was a trifle harsh. Maybe, but as a reviewer you do have to call it as you see it, or lose respect. Anyway, it was the third album of Jackís that I had acquired and now I have this latest one, so you canít say that I donít like him. I felt the last CD lacked something and needed more drive and depth. Well, with fellow metal clarinetist Kjeld Brandt joining him things have changed dramatically. (Wicked thought for the day: do metal clarinettists rust if they stay too long in the shower?)

The change in dynamics is astounding and this CD is a gem. The styles are different and very complimentary; Kjeld is rather loose limbed compared to Jack and lacks his emphasis on vibrato. From tune one it is easy to identify the players. If you havenít picked it straight away then tune number 2 will set you right as on this number and on two other tracks* Jack plays Eb rather than Bb.

It is not just the extra depth of having Kjeld alongside Jack that lifts this CD for the other members of the group, John van Buuren on banjo, Craig Goeldner bass and Rachel Goeldner (nee Hamilton) on piano, get swept along too. The earlier CD was for aficionados, this CD is for everyone.

Very nice and well worth having


See also New Orleans Delight, headed by Kjeld Brandt