CD 3061-2 Music Mecca 2001, 15 tracks 72 minutes

Ciribiribin, On A Coconut Island, Shake It & Break It, In The Garden, My Little Girl, Eh La Bas, In The Sweet By & By, Someday You'll Want Me To Want You, He Touched Me, On A Treasure Island, Milk Cow Blues, Second Line March, Moonlight & Roses, Will The Circle Be Unbroken

What a delight it is to play 'My Little Girl' by New Orleans Delight! Having heard them on the Sorgenfri Kirke CDs I felt a desire to have more material by this Scandinavian band. Their normal front line is trumpetless and this allows them to have guest players, on this occasion Norbert Susemihl of Germany. Now, without trumpet Delight split lead between Kjeld Brandt on clarinet and Bengt Hansson on trombone and do so with consummate skill. Put in a trumpet and they change their style so seamlessly that you would never guess that they normally play without one. You may ask how they manage with having different horn players guesting with them as each player has their own style. The answer is that whoever is with them is accommodated and assimilated and the style changes slightly but still within the New Orleans idiom and still distinctly New Orleans Delight.

As I said earlier, the guest horn player on this CD is Norbert Susemihl. Norbert has spent much time in New Orleans soaking up the music and playing with the bands there in all the styles in the New Orleans fold up to and including the Algiers Brass Band an all black outfit (and I ain't talking Kiwi rugby players here). In addition to trumpet, Norbert plays the flugel horn when backing Delight's other guest, the magical Danish gospel singer, Kristin Lombolt. Her singing of ' In The Garden' and ' He Touched Me' haunt my mind. Kristin's singing and the Delight's sensitive backing, pure magic.

In years past the torch of purist New Orleans jazz passed from its black originators to white Americans. Just as it was starting to slip, the Brits picked it up. More and more these days it is the bands from Scandinavia that bear the torch and New Orleans Delight is one of Scandinavia's best.

Buy and enjoy!

The above can be bought from:



CD 3086-2 Music Mecca 2002, 14 tracks 63 minutes

If Those Lips Could Only Speak, Maria Elena, Sporting Life Blues, Oh You Beautiful Doll, My Gal Sal, Go To New Orleans, In The Upper Garden, If I Had My Way, Don't Leave Me Now, All I Do Is Dream OF You, Fly Away, What Am I Living For, Move The Body Over, Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight Lady

The boys are back, and this time they have Englishman Derek Winters with them on trumpet and vocals. I have heard Derek before with both Chris Blount and Brian Carrick. I like his smooth and rich style. I haven't till now been aware of his singing, but having done so courtesy of this CD, I shan't forget his half singing and half talking delivery. It is a cross between Ken Colyer and my great-uncle Arthur, who, after a rum or two, as was appropriate for an ex-merchant seaman, used to quietly talk/sing to the music on the radio whilst he rolled his nightly supply of Nosegay Shag cigarettes.

This CD is a tour de force for New Orleans Delight with every track memorable and a delight to listen to. I understand that the CD was late getting to market as there was a problem on selecting the tracks to use. Well I have no doubt the problem was due to the band having so many quality numbers that they didn't know which ones to leave off.

I am totally rapped with this CD. The whole band are individually top line musos, add them together and they become a, well they become a New Orleans Delight actually!

The above can be bought from:



CD 3019-2 Music Mecca 1999, 13 tracks 75 minutes

Mary Wore A Golden Chain, Lead Me Saviour, My Curly Headed Baby, Does Jesus Care, Lead Me Guide Me, Lily Of The Valley, Precious Lord, Just A While To Stay Here, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, In The Sweet Bye And Bye, Sing On, The Old Rugged Cross, This Little Light Of Mine

When Kjeld Brandt of New Orleans Delight knew I had a copy of this CD he asked me not to review it as it was an older recording done live, and the band is so much better now. Terribly sorry old chap, as we POMs say: 'Tough titty'.

Within the church there are many different persuasions of church service and music from the simplicity of Catholic and Orthodox chants to the complexities of the High Anglican even song using the English coral tradition, from the old style Baptist metrical psalm singing to the simple verses favoured by many of the independent congregations. So where does New Orleans delights gospel music fit in? Well evangelical rather than Pentecostal I think.

Ok Kjeld, so the sound and balance is far from perfect at times, and, yes, a bit raucous in parts, but it moves man, it moves. So, if you are prepared to relax and let the spirit take you, just swing and sway to the glory of God.

These tracks are from three 1999 sessions in Femo, Holmstrup and St Nicolaj Churches with a variation in the band's line up from one session to another. Two of the sessions have Norbert Susemihl guesting on trumpet.

Music Mecca say that stocks of this CD are low and that it will not be re-issued, so you will have to get in quick for this moving and fun CD. Fun? Well worshipping the Lord the New Orleans delight way sure is!

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Music Mecca CD 4024-2 2003 11 tracks 80 min

Algiers Strut, San Antonio Rose, Whining Boy Blues, Highways Are Happy Ways, John B Calypso, Gloryland, Blueberry Hill, Big Mamou, Last Mile Of The Way, Joe Avery’s Piece/Dippermouth Medley, A Thousand Goodnights

Kid Bastien: this English born Canadian trumpet player had a well earned reputation as a world class jazzman, but a very small discography. He wasn’t even going to do this recording as ‘All the best music has already been put down by the New Orleans guys.’ It was only through a friendship with NOD’s sound engineer, Jorgan Vad and Jorgan applying emotional blackmail, that this CD was made. It was just as well as only days after listening to the mastercopy and giving his approval for the CD to be issued, this unique jazzman died. Listening to this CD one wonders if he didn’t know that this CD was to be his obituary. On ‘Gloryland’ the words ‘tell them I‘ll be coming too’, get changed to ‘tell them I’ll be coming soon’. Add that to the lyrics of ‘Last Mile Of The Way’ and you become convinced that Kid had had a premonition of his coming death.

If you have never heard Kid Bastien, and unless you fortunate enough to have heard him live, that would be most of us, then this CD will let you know what you missed. Kid in many ways modelled himself and his own band on Kid Thomas and on this CD New Orleans Delight do an excellent job of fitting in with Kid Bastien’s style, to the extent that they sound much better than Kid Thomas does on the few tracks of his that I have.

Kid Bastien hated flying almost as much as he did having his music recorded. What finally persuaded him to go to Denmark and play with NOD was the fact that he would have the chance to play alongside an old mate, tenor saxophonist George Berry.

Now anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not keen on tenor saxes, especially in a traditional jazz band, and even more so in an extended frontline where it has to share space with a clarinet. This time, though, it works and works brilliantly. How much is due to George’s ability to fit in and how much is due to clarinettist Kjeld Brandt’s talent in working around other jazzmen, only those two gentlemen will be able to say.

This beautiful CD is well balanced in sound engineering, front to backline balance, featured guests to the rest of the band, popular and rarer tunes and types of rhythm employed.

From ‘Blueberry Hill’ with its gracious nod to the Fat’s Domino R&B version, to ‘John B Calypso’, to the street marching ‘Joe Avery’s Piece/Dippermouth Medley via gospel and dance music’, this Cliff ‘Kid’ Bastien led band (and I am sure that he did provide the lead whilst he was with NOD) will delight you. What was that? A delight? Yes, a New Orleans Delight!

Oh, and while you are listening to the jazz go down, why not read the excellent booklet that is included with the CD.

The above can be bought from:



New Orleans Delight NODCD 901 2003 22 tracks 74 min


Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet, I Shall Not Be Moved, C’est Magnifique, I Can’t Escape From You, Quand On S’est Vu, The Laughing Samba, Jambalya, Over The Waves, Moonlight Bay, Kid Thomas Boogie Woogie, **Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight, If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again, I’ll Be Your Sweetheart, Rivers Of Babylon, Drifting, I Saw The Light, Loveland And You, When They Ring The Golden Bells, Jesus Is Calling, Melody Of Love, Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room, The One Rose**


Don’t get fooled by this CD as I was. It uses the same photo as volume 1 with just a slight colour change to the cover background. Originally I thought it was a re-issue of the earlier CD with 12 new short tracks with Kid accompanied by piano. I did get it, listened to the extra tracks, and then passed it to my late father. I did not come across it again until sorting out his estate, but it was only after exchanging e-mails with NOD leader, Kjeld Brandt about another CD that I found out it was volume 2 and contained tracks that had been left off of the earlier CD. Silly old me; it must be an age thing!


The tunes are a mix of popular songs from the turn of the centaury, gospel, folk, and jazz standards. Many of the tunes are played strict tempo for dancing: from waltz to quick step to foxtrot & you can even samba. The result is that if you can stop just foot tapping and actually get out on the dance floor! I can see why a second volume of the SeaSide Jazzklub session was issued as the music is in no way inferior to those on volume 1; indeed it must have been hard when issuing vol 1 to have decided which tracks to omit.


I would warn any Frenchmen reading this that Kid sings some songs in French and manages to mangle the language as only an Englishman can.


This CD concludes with some delightful vignettes of Cliff playing 11 short clips accompanied by piano**. The recordings were made in the front room of Marilyn Rodgers, who accompanies him on piano. I asked Kjeld what the story was & he replied:

“We were already very familiar with Kid’s style before we asked him to come. The tunes were new to us, and Cliff wanted to play them. That’s why he is straight to the melody line all the time. They were never recorded to be published, but I think they tell something about Cliff’s beautiful tone and his control of the trumpet.”

Having listened to them I feel that his style when playing with the band is much freer and more expressive than in these 11 tunes.





Music Mecca CD 4054-2 2004,12 tracks, 67 min

When My Dreamboat Comes Home, Sugar Blues, Mama Inez, Old Rugged Cross, When I Leave The World Behind, Breeze, On Treasure Island, Mama’s Gone Goodbye, Begonia, One Sweet Letter From You, True, American Soldier (Bugle Boy March)

As always with New Orleans Delight the interest is always in just how they are going to sound. Yes, I know they always sound good, but how have they made the slight shift in their sound to accommodate and match their current guest. This time they host American Chris Tyle. Now I have a CD of Chris with his Silver Leaf Jazz Band, so I know just how he sounds when at home. Although I enjoy that CD, I feel Chris and the band lack ‘whomph’. That can’t be said of this recording of him with NOD. This CD has all the drive and enthusiasm you expect with Kjeld and his boys and they have carried Chris along with them.

With Silver Leaf Chris plays either cornet or trumpet, but with NOD he also gets to play on his metal clarinet. Knowing Kjeld he was encouraged in this as Mr Brandt do love his metal clarinet and takes great pleasure in playing with others who have the same taste. Now one might expect problems with two clarinets in the front line of a jazz band, but Chris and Kjeld are exceptional here and never, ever, use the same air space, with Kjeld normally letting Chris take the lead whilst he under weaves him. On many of the tunes with the two clarinets, Kjeld uses an alto clarinet, which helps define who is playing what. The combination perhaps could be said to reach its apex on ‘Breeze’ with the result being an interpretation of the tune that must be reckoned as one of the finest around. Now what I am waiting for is for Kjeld to find an excuse to use the yellow plastic clarinet he once admitted he owned!

I think Chris Tyle really enjoyed himself playing and singing with NOD as the music on the album has such verve. My only problem now is that I will have to lend the CD to my old dad who is always asking me if I have anything new by ‘That Delight band’. He knows I had a package from Denmark arrive the other day and he has been sniffing around trying to find out what was in it. Why is that a problem? He likes NOD so much I can’t get the CDs back off him unless I either threaten him with taking legal action to recover my property, or I wait until he goes out and then spend time having a rummage around to see if I can find where he has hidden them. Think I am exaggerating? Buy this CD or any of NOD’s and you will find out just why both he and I like listening to them so much.

The above can be bought from:



Music Mecca CD 4069-2 2005 80 min 12 tracks

Just A Closer Walk With Thee, I Shall Not Be Moved, How Long Has It Been, I’ll Be Somewhere Working For The Lord, San Antonio Rose, By & Bye, Rivers Of Babylon, Softly & Tenderly Jesus Is Calling, Take Your Burdens To The Lord, Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight, God Leads His Dear Children Along, Highways Are Happy Ways


Cliff ‘Kid’ Bastien, well loved, much admired, and little recorded, was persuaded to overcome his dread of flying and leave his adopted Canada to tour Denmark when Kjeld Brandt of New Orleans Delight dangled the bait of the chance to play alongside Cliff’s old friend and ex-band member, tenor player George Berry. Thank God he did, for within a very short period both of them had died and without the recordings made on that tour the jazz world would be much poorer.

All of the tracks on this CD are from a Sorgenfri Kirke concert the band performed in 2002. Some of the tracks have already been released on the Sorgenfri Concert Vol 3 compendium CD. This latest CD is, however, essential buying for all who love Kid Bastien, George Berry, New Orleans Delight, jazz in the Kid Valentine style, jazz gospel or just traditional jazz in general. It is even more essential in that since the Bastien/Berry tour both trombone player Bengt Hansson and pianist Goran Magnusson have left New Orleans Delight.

Everything I wrote about the previous CD of NOD with Kid & George stands. In fact the more I hear the recordings the more I love them. The style is that strange mix of relaxed and exciting that is rarely found, even in the jazz world where the exotic is common place. If this CD is not added to your collection you will be all the poorer for it. Let the moths out of your wallet and delight yourself with this great CD and let the music say it all.

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Music Mecca CD 4091-2 2005 13 tracks, 72 min

The Last Mile Of The Way, In The Garden, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Amazing Grace, I Shall Not Be Moved, Peace In The Valley, This Little Light Of Mine, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, Abide With Me, Just A Little While To Stay Here, He Touched Me, You Are My Sunshine

When my old mate, ex-international speedway rider and fellow traditional jazz aficionado Bob Andrews came back from a big jazz festival in Australia he waffled on to me about this amazing gospel and blues singer he had heard called Lee Gunness. He had tried to get a copy of one of her albums, but they had sold out. He said I must hear her and maybe I should try and get a CD via the Internet (he is a bit like that; get someone else to buy a CD and then borrow it). I looked, but finances always seemed strained (I’m a bit like that with money: cautious). However, when I saw this CD putting Lee with one of the world’s finest New Orleans bands, I just had to get it didn’t I.

Lee Gunness is everything Bob said about her and more. This diminutive Ozzie singer has a rich deep voice that belies her size. When you couple her with New Orleans Delight and their guest Norbert Susemihi you have an album that is a must buy. I have listened to NOD for some years now hearing them improve and mature. I have also heard them with some excellent lady singers, but this CD is the ultimate, especially so given my love of gospel. I am not sure what else I can say without sounding like a simpering sycophant, so forget any caution you may have with spending your money, get a copy for yourself, don’t try borrowing it. Play it just the once and you will know why I am saying that this CD belongs in every jazz lover’s collection.

The above can be bought from: 

PS: Since writing this I have lent the CD to my father. Unfortunately he won't give it back, so it looks like I will have to wait until he dies to re-claim it. In view of this I think I will use the CD to play at his funeral when the time comes.


Music Mecca CD 4092-1 2005 12 tracks 76 min

Second Line March, Some Of These Days, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Fidgety Feet, Milneburg Joys, St Louis Blues, Just A Little While, Old Time Religion, Dr Jazz, Hindustan, What A Wonderful World, Saints

It would be nice to think that I helped to instigate this fusion. I came across Greg Stafford a few years back via a Jazz Crusade CD. I was so impressed that I mentioned to Kjeld Brandt, leader of New Orleans Delight, a band that does not have a resident trumpet player, that NOD should try and get Gregg to do a tour with them. This is that tour, but I am sure Kjeld already had it organised as Mr Stafford was already well known to Kjeld’s contacts the other side of the Atlantic plus I am sure I had heard that he had played at the Gothenburg Jazz Festival.

What caught my attention was not only Gregg Stafford’s brilliance on trumpet but the fact that he was a black man from New Orleans. Although we all know that New Orleans and in fact all traditional jazz, is black in origin, we tend to forget that the only regular black faces in the post-war revival bands tended to be the original stalwarts that started the whole thing off years before. In recent years traditional jazz has become mainly a white man’s preserve. Well here is Gregg and he has true New Orleans pedigree straight from the text book having started his career playing in the brass marching bands in that city.

Naturally you will see from the above reviews the esteem in which I hold New Orleans Delight, so their matching with Gregg was bound to be a success. The other guest is British born Canadian Brian Towers on trombone. NOD were between trombone players at that time and Brian proves to be a suitable fill in for the front line, but it really it is Gregg Stafford that this CD belongs to.

The material is hardly startling, but NOD and its guests still manage to serve these old favourites up hot and fresh. It was nice to hear the lyrics to ‘Milneburg Joys’ actually being used and I have had ‘Second Line March’ echoing through my head ever since I started to play the CD, which is a bit disconcerting when trying to sleep at nights. It is, however, these two tracks that stand out and I feel display Gregg's ability and talent. ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ is truly magic, especially as it gives the whole band a chance to shine alongside Gregg. However, Gregg’s rendition of ‘What A Wonderful World’ is, perhaps, the best tune for Gregg as accompanied only by the back line, with the sympathetic Hans Pederson on piano, he takes Louis Armstrong’s tune and makes it his own. Ok, so at the very end he deliberately impersonates Satchmo, but to me it is iconic as I feel that Gregg Stafford is deservedly taking on Old Satchel Mouth’s mantel.

Well done everyone, and when is the next tour and CD due please?

The above can be bought from: 



Music Mecca 2006 14 tracks 72 min

Do Lord, In The Garden, Sweet Fields, He Touched Me, Higher Ground, Amazing Grace, Closer Walk With Thee, St Jude's Hymn, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Sanctus, Lily Of The Valley, How Great Thou Art, Fly Away, His Eye Is On The Sparrow

As a Christian when things get rough and I’m feeling down, I turn my mind to Heaven and what it will be like. No one really knows, though book after book has been written on the topic. To me it surely is all about praising God and thus it must be full of good music. Obviously, therefore, it has to have jazz bands and gospel singers. Well this CD is a taste of Heaven for here is one of the world’s finest jazz bands with one of the best gospel singers around, Marilyn Keller of Oregon, USA, playing and singing music that is more than inspired, it is Spirit driven.

So the tunes are all very familiar ones, but forget that, for here you have them played and sung as they should be. In addition to Marilyn, the band, which has no permanent trumpet player, has guest Derek Winter on trumpet. I have heard them play with many guests on horn, but I always feel that Englishman Derek is the one that fits in the best and makes the band lift up that last notch from excellent to brilliant.

The recordings were made live during the band’s tour of Danish churches in 2005. I am sure the responsive congregation and the acoustics of the venues helped, but I really should mention the high quality of the recordings and tip my hat to sound engineer Jǿgen Vad. So often on live recordings there is an imbalance of sound, be it all so small, but on this album it is spot on.

An extra bonus are the full and comprehensive notes giving information on both the origins of the tunes and the way they are presented on the album.

I could be flippant (or some would say blasphemous) and say that if you don’t buy this CD God will strike you down, but I won’t for it would lower the tone of the review (and upset fellow saints); all I will say is that if you buy it and then play it, be you Christian or no, you will be blessed. Although there is no such thing as perfection this side of Glory, this one comes so very, very, close it doesn’t matter.

The above can be bought from: 



Music Mecca 2007 CD 5051-2 2008 73min 15 tracks

Just A Little While To Stay Here, The Old Rugged Cross, Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light Of Mine, My God Is Real, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, Little Wooden Church, Rock Of Ages, We’ll Understand It Better By And By, Take My Hand Precious Lord, Got My Mind Made Up, He’ll Understand And Say Well Done, Amen, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, An Evening Prayer


My wife & I had the opportunity (and desire) to revisit Denmark in 2007. Naturally I checked NOD’s Web site to see if we could get to one of their concerts whilst there. I was delighted to find that we could get to see them when they performed at the church in Gadstrup. The added bonus was that they would have Marilyn Keller with them: I had heard her on a CD of theirs (Music Mecca CD 5012-2) and was full of admiration for her clarity of diction and for the sheer enthusiasm she put into her singing.

Well what can I say other than we were blown away, not just by the quality of the jazz and Marilyn’s singing, but by the wonderful hospitality of the Danes and the friendliness of both the band and Marilyn. That lady is big: big of voice, heart and spirit. If you want to meet someone who will truly move you, get to see her. Her notes on the CD say that it was decided to record ‘live’ as: ‘There is a visitation of the Spirit that occurs when music is being offered honestly and reverently that cannot be matched. The musician, listener, and God are united in heart, mind and soul in a way that exalts everyone in Joy, Peace and Love.’ If you think that sounds a mite trite, you obviously have not heard this lady & NOD sing gospel. The wife & I came away from that concert all a buzz and were delighted when we found that a new CD was to be issued featuring some of the songs we had heard performed that night.

The recordings on this CD are from a later part of the tour and were made at Dagstorp Kyrka in Sweden. All bar ‘Rock of Ages’ feature Marilyn on vocal. Of the recording: the mix is right, the balance is right and NOD are on form and provide spot on sympathetic backing to the singer.

This is such a ‘right’ CD that I have already played and played it. Having ripped it to my MP3 player, I shall now lend it to my jazz loving father and doubt I will see it again till I inherit his estate.

Order your copy today from it is not so much a purchase as an investment and/or inspiration.



Music Mecca 2008 CD 5057-2 2008 10 tracks 63 min

Take These Chains, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, You Can’t Be True Dear, Lover, When You & I Were Young Maggie, Old New Orleans, Just Because, If You See My Saviour, Jambalaya, A Fool Such As I



Music Mecca 2008 CD 5058-2 2008 10 tracks 67 min

When You & I Were Young Maggie, Lover, You Can’t Be True Dear, Burgundy Street, The Old Spinning Wheel, Tap Room Special, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, You Are All I Want For Christmas, Sobre las Olas (Over the Waves), Goin’ Home

 Well these two CDs are from the same tour when NOD had two guests in their front line: Derek Winters, the trumpet player I feel most fits in with the band, and Brian Carrick, one of the few tenor sax players I trust to play in a New Orleans band. The recordings were made within a day of each other.

The first thing the potential buyer will spot is that some of the tunes from the first CD are duplicated on the later one. Fear not, brave listener, for being the true jazzmen that they are, the bands renditions are very distinct and full of unique improvisations that ensures that you won’t start to think you are suffering from de ja vue.

I am not sure what impressed me the most; the ensemble playing, the solo breaks, or the duets when both Carrick and NOD’s leader Kjeld Brandt play clarinet duets. These two players have an almost instinctive feel for each other’s playing and the feeling is of intertwining threads and certainly not the intrusive combativeness I have heard when others have attempted such duets. Although there are many examples on the CDs the best would be that classic clarinet piece ‘Burgundy Street’ (though Carrick insists, in his speaking blues break, on calling it "Bur gundy Street’).

Talking of a ‘fine example’: as a traditional jazz aficionado, one often gets asked to put on an example track. I have several tracks I think appropriate. Now that I have these CDs I have another: ‘Old New Orleans’. This track has well worked ensemble work, excellent solos and a gravely blues vocal. It really does work so very well.

Another track I thought was very nice is ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’ as it clearly illustrates the short stabbing style of trombonist Bengt Hansson. Bengt is an interesting guy to watch when he plays as every note can be seen formulating in his mind before he plays it. Every now again he opens his eyes wide in what seems surprise at the wonderful sound he has made. Sounds silly, but that was how it looked to me.

The vocals are shared between Brian Carrick & Derek Winters. I notice that Derek semi-talks his numbers, which is not his usual style; maybe he had a sore throat or something at the time.

All the tracks are good, well, very good in fact & many are excellent (my English understatement gets in the way at times, if I was an American I would be raving – well some of them are of course, but that is another story. There is also an evocative element. When I hear either version of ’Lover’, if I close my eyes, I see my dad & my late mum in their younger days dancing a waltz to it; both jazz lovers and ball room dancers it was the sort of music they loved.

So, I recommend these CDs, either or both, the choice is yours, but I am glad that I have them both. Normally I review a CD within a week of getting it. This time, because of so much happening in my mediaeval activities, I have had all the tracks on my MP3 player for over fours weeks and, until I get another jazz CD, I am happy to leave them there to pleasure my ears as I travel to work each day.

Order from



New Orleans Delight NODCD 902 2009 13 tracks

Beautiful Ohio, Blues At Sunrise*, Move The Body Over*, Same Old Love, Begonia, Faraway Blues*, Georgia Grind*, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Take Her To Jamaica, Collegiate, Every Woman’s Blues*, When My Dreamboat Comes Home, Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight

It was with some trepidation that I approached this CD. Having a front line of clarinet and trombone, NOD frequently have guests to help fill it out; usually a trumpeter, but often a sax player as well. The trumpeter on this occasion is Derek Winters, who I have said elsewhere, I think fits in best out of all the outstanding trumpet/cornet players who have guested with NOD. Another guest on this CD features tenor sax player: Sarah Spencer. It is Sarah who caused the trepidation. I have a CD of her with her own band, Rue Conti, from 1992. I also have some CDs with her playing with a Big Bill Bissonnette band. In the past I have found her to be too dominant in the ensemble playing and raucous and repetitive in her solos. It is with great pleasure that I can assure you that she has matured to such an extent that I would not have thought I was listening to the same musician. From the first tune onwards I relaxed and enjoyed the jazz, and good jazz it is too. Not quite up to the standard of the late George Berry but Sarah is getting there and I will be quite happy to follow her progress on later CDs.

I also found Sarah’s singing* a revelation. In the notes it says that she has listened to and used her knowledge of the recordings of Ma Rainey, Clara Smith, Ida Cox and many others. True no doubt and I can pick up strains of them in her voice, but I have to confess that every time I hear her moans she has the ‘Every Woman Blues’ or ask me to ‘Move the Body Over’ so she can have the ‘Georgia Grind’ all I can think is that she sounds like a female George Melly!

IN the sleve notes, Derek Winters gives great credit to the NOD backline, and indeed they are , as always, rock solid and versatile. An indication of both skill & versatility are the rolling West Indian rhythms on ‘Begonia’ and ‘Take her to Jamaica’. On the latter Hans Pedersen makes his electric piano take on the sound on a steel drum; very appropriate. Whilst on the topic of an electir instrument let me state that, although in general, I don’ like to hear them in a traditional jazz band, I am fully appreciative why Hans uses one. Acoustic pianos are funny things and easily get out of tune and being so large the poor pianist, whether a jazz of small dance band one, is at the mercy of what whatever the venue provider has lined up for him; an electric piano ensure that the instrument used is always in tune and always have the right ‘sound’ (I have seen Bilk’s pianist, Stan Grieg, performing one week on a grand piano and the next on what looked and sounded like a battered old pub upright).

Recorded live at Gilleleje Jazzklub the music is, as always with NOD and sound engineer Jorgen Vad, well balanced and clear. The tunes are a mix of the well known, the little used and the rather obscure. Well worth the money you will invest in it.




New Orleans Delight 2009 NOD DVD 001-2009 17 TRACKS 98 min

Just A Little While To Stay Here, In The Garden, On Higher Ground, Jamaican Melody, St Jude’s Hymn*, Precious Lord Take My Hand, He Touched Me, I’ll Fly Away, Lead Me Saviour, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Will The Lord Remember Me, Do Lord, Mary Wore A Golden Chain*, Amen, When I Come To The End Of My Journey, Little Wooden Church, An Evening Prayer

I approached this with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement because I love not only this band, but also this gospel singer (see reviews of ‘My God is Real’, and ‘New Orleans Delight Featuring Marilyn Keller & Derek Winters’ CDs above). Trepidation because all the other jazz DVDs or video tapes I have seen or bought in the past have had shocking production standards with those of live concerts being the worse with unbalanced sound to match the jerky hand held camera and long range visuals. But ….. you will find none of that on this DVD as both audio and visuals are of high professional standards and in fact any TV station out there that wanted to run it could do so without any re-mixing or rebalancing.

As mentioned in my review of 'My God is Real' CD, I have has the pleasure of seeing NOD Marilyn perform and can assure any potential buyer out there that this DVD conveys the excitement, drive and, dare one say of gospel music, magic of an NOD/Keller concert.

Of the tunes all bar Jamaica Melody, Lead me Saviour, Will the Lord Remember Me and Mary Wore a Golden Chain appear on the previously issued CDs. Mary Wore a Golden Chain and St Jude’s Hymn are band numbers. So, if you already have the CDs should you get the DVD? Yes, yes, YES!

I just got so enthused by watching the DVD I actually thought I had heard Marilyn sing some of the tunes on the CDs that aren’t really on the DVD. I got so caught up with it all the music just kept running through my head.

Whilst watching the DVD I made an interesting discovery: our house cat Lep, whose idea of bliss is to be held and cuddled, especially while you walk around, isn’t too happy when one starts singing along in a loud voice and then decide to dance before the Lord with him in your arms.

If you think I am going over the top with this review, buy the DVD yourself and I am sure you will agree that I am in fact making the typical English understatement.



CD 5085-2 Music Mecca 2012 12 tracks 68min

In The Good Old Summertime, What Am I Living For?, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, Don’t Give Up The Ship, Someone Else Is Taking My Place, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Dummy Song (Washington & Lee Swing), The Curse Of An Aching Heart, All I Do Is Dream Of You, Algiers Waltz-Dreamy Moon Of Indiana, Kid Thomas’ Boogie, Brahm’s Cradle Song

When I find that New Orleans Delight, one of my favourite bands, has released a new CD I always smile and when I find that they have Fred Vigorito, one of my favourite cornet players, joining them, that smile turns to delighted laughter. Fred leads the Galvanized Jazz band in the USA. I have not got any of their albums, but I have heard him many times play in one of the Jazz Crusade’s pick up bands and love his style, especially his clever use of the mute. With Fred being used to playing in pick ups and NOD used to having a guest horn player, it is little wonder that they sound as if they have been playing together for years.

The tracks on the CD are a mix of the well known and the little known with some being tunes NOD have on their other CDs. The pace goes from the gentle ‘Brahms’ Cradle Song’ to the raucous and driving ‘Kid Thomas’ Boogie’. If you feel like dancing then try ‘Algiers Waltz-Dreamy Moon of Indiana’, I know my late parents would have. There is definitely something for everyone on this album. All the band members get to have solo breaks, but I feel I must mention Claus Lindhardt’s drum break on ‘All I Do Is dream Of You’. Normally I am not one for drum breaks as the drummer tends to get carried away with showing off his expertise rather than contributing to the music, but when I listened to this track I found that Claus played his solo in such a way that I realised he was actually playing the tune and I was singing the lyrics in my head!

There are many vocals with the duties being shared between Fred and pianist Erling Rasmussen with both doing a fine, if distinctly male jazzy, job of it.

How good this CD is can be taken from the fact that I was playing it on the stereo system in the lounge when my wife appeared in time to watch one of her regular TV programmes, When I went to eject the CD so she could turn the TV on she said to let the CD play on as she was enjoying listening to it.

Backing up the excellent jazz are full sleeve notes provided by Bert Thompson of California.

The really sad thing about this CD is the news that bass player, Stefan Kärfve died soon afterwards. New Orleans Delight will have big problems in finding a replacement with Stefan’s capabilities. I have seen Stefan playing live and, like any good bass player, he seemed in love with this instrument, cajoling and persuading it to give him its best.

Copies of the CD can be bought from Music Mecca