Set in England, 'Woden's Wolf' covers the turbulent years from 1066 to 1100 and follows the story of Godfrew of Garrett in the county of Surrey as he struggles to come to grips with the English defeat at Hastings and the resultant resistance to the Norman Conquest.

This tale is that of a young man from a small holding who served King Harold Godwinson as a warrior in the English militia. After Hastings he loses both family and land and has to try and start again. Seeking refuge in the Welsh Marches, where the Normans had yet to establish their hold, he joins Edric the Wild and takes part in his rebellion against William the Conqueror. After the failure of the rebellion and that of Hereward the Wake in the fens, he becomes attached to the household of Earl Ralph of East Anglia who makes use of his talents as both warrior and administrator. Leaving the Earl's service just prior to the disastrous Revolt of the Earls, the young man disappears into the Thameside mist. He reappears again as an old man in the reign of the English born Henry I. Cast out of his time he has problems adjusting to the new order that exists and in avoiding the demons from his past.


1066 is a date engraved on the heart of all English. It was the year that the last king of the English died defending his country against foreign invaders. History is always written by the victors. Because of this, the subsequent armed resistance to the Norman Conquest by the English is barely recorded. The heroes of the resistance, Waltheof, Edric the Wild, Hereward the Wake, and Ralf of East Anglia, are remembered mostly in legends.


The fight for freedom against the invaders must be told.


The Young Man


SCENE: GARRETT. A small fast running river cuts through low water meads with water mill, blue sky, frost is still on the ground. (1min)

Godfrew, a tall blond haired young man, sits on the riverbank by the weir holding hands with a small, almost child-like young maid. They get up and walk towards a hedged farm, the boy's arm around the maid's shoulders, her arm around his waist.

SCENE: The inside of a hedged farmyard. There are outbuildings and a small hall. (0.25)

The youngsters walk into the farmyard. The boy's mother and father who are seated on a bench outside the hall greet them. The mother is spinning wool, whilst the father is counting notches on a tally stick and carving the results in runes on a piece of wood, at his feet are two deer hounds sleeping.

SCENE: Inside the hall of the farm, long table, rushes on the floor, light smoke from the central hearth. (3min)

The youngsters enter the hall, go into a recess and pull a heavy woven curtain across. They disrobe and commence making love. A goose feather comes through the curtain and tickles the boy's legs. Eventually he sees the feather and pulls the curtains back to reveal his best friend and shield bearer, Godwin. Godfrew's wife, Eve, pulls a sheepskin up to cover her body as best she can. Godfrew yells amused banter at the laughing Godwin as he runs out of the hall. Eve and Godfrew talk of his eminent departure to join King Harold's army as it moves north to defend England against the Viking army of Harald Hardrader.


SUGGESTED MUSIC - Broadsword by Jethro Tull

SCENE: A dusty road/a beach (0.5min)

Views of an army marching and longships disgorging Vikings flick back and forth.

SCENE: A narrow wooden bridge crosses a river. (3min)

A naked berserker Viking is holding off and killing English warriors as they try to cross. Godfrew finds himself at the front and facing the Viking. He swings his axe and misses, the Viking hits him on the back with the haft of his long axe as he kills another Englishman alongside. Godfrew falls to the ground, injured. The Viking tries to finish Godfrew off, but Godwin saves him. A spear comes up through the planks of the bridge, killing the Viking and the English army floods over screaming battle cries. After the battle, still on the bridge, King Harold visits Godfrew and Earl Waltheof, who has also been injured. He gives each of them an identical ring. Whilst talking to them, Harold gets a message that Normans have landed in the south


SCENE: THE FOSSE - HASTINGS. A wooded valley with steep sides. (5min)

Godfrew is in the vanguard of a band of warriors, lead by Earl Waltheof. Coming the other way are warriors and armed churls. They say the battle has been lost as King Harold has been killed. In the background is the sound of approaching horsemen. Waltheof sends the men into the trees and up the sides of the valley. The Normans ride into the valley, as the last one goes past, Godfrew fells a tree with his long axe and traps them. Arrows and rocks rain down on the Normans. Then the English rush out and start killing them. Godfrew and Godwin join in. A Norman tries to stab Godfrew, but Godwin steps in and takes the blow. Godfrew swings his axe, cutting off the Norman's nose and the fingers off of his left hand. The Norman goes down, Godfrew's axe hits a stone and the haft breaks, he stabs the broken handle into the Norman's eye and leaves him to attend to his friend. Godwin dies in Godfrew's arms. Godfrew sits on his haunches and howls.

SCENE: GARRETT. A small fast running river cuts through low water meads with water mill, blue sky, frost is still on the ground. (0.5min)

Godfrew walks towards the farm. He notices smoke and runs.

SCENE: Inside a hedged farm. Only the out building stand. The hall is burned down. (1min)

Godfrew returns to his father's holding of Garrett only to find that Garrett has been burnt down. He is greeted by Ake the swineherd and his little daughter. Ake tells Godfrew that the Flemish mercenary Drogo and his men have killed his parents. They have also taken Eve with them. Godfrew learns that Drogo has forcibly taken over the nearby manor of Wimbledon.

SCENE: WIMBLEDON. A hedged farm with a wood overlooking it. (1.5min)

Godfrew watches as mounted Normans escort an English lady on a white horse out of the farmyard. They head towards a road through the woods and go out of site.


Godfrew pulls his cloak around his body and draws back into the trees as the folk of the farm and their children come out and head towards a small chapel along the road. Outside the chapel a priest stands ringing a hand bell.


Godfrew surveys the empty scene before sneaking across the farmyard where he proceeds to move from one out-building to another till he stands at the front of the hall. The door is open and Godfrew quietly pushes it open.

SCENE: Inside the hall of the farm, long table, rushes on the floor, light smoke from the central hearth. The walls are covered in rich tapestries. The end of the hall is curtained off with heavy drapes. There is movement behind the drapes. (5min)

Godfrew slides into the hall and stands behind the door beam and watches a fat priest putting chessmen on a board. The monk calls to the person behind the drapes, telling him that the game has been set up ready for when he has finished. The monk then pours wine into two goblets.

There is a sob, and a young, half-naked blond boy is thrown out of the curtained area. The child pulls on his clothes and, weeping, hobbles to the door. He looks at Godfrew, but doesn't seem to see him. Godfrew creeps up behind the monk and knocks him out using the blunt end of his saxe (a single edged knife 300mm long see http://www.geocities/Athens/Aegean/3532/saxe.htm), he then gags and ties him. Godfrew draws the drapes at the end of the hall partly open. Drogo is standing beside a rumpled bed. He is naked and washing his body. He asks Godfrew who he is, Godfrew mutters: 'Garrett'. Drogo appears puzzled and asks Godfrew to repeat it, Godfrew closes and whispers in Drogo's ear. Drogo starts, and coughs blood over Godfrew. As the body falls back onto the bed the saxe pulls from the body.

Godfrew discards his bloody clothes and opens a chest, looking for replacement ones. As he opens the lid a wolf smiles at him. He closes the box in shock. He slowly opens it again to find that the wolf's head belongs to a large wolf skin cloak. Godfrew takes it and other clothes. Before leaving he cuts off some of Drogo's fingers to remove the rings. He puts on the wolf cloak, pulling the mask down over his face. As he leaves he kicks the struggling monk.

SCENE: A road through the woods. (0.5min)

Normans force English churls and serfs to beat the bushes looking for Godfrew. One stands in front of Godfrew as he hides in the bushes, wearing the wolf cloak. A Norman sees the churl standing and asks in broken English if he can see the 'murdering and thieving Saxon'. The churl winks at Godfrew before turning and assuring the Norman that there were only honest Englishmen about these parts.

SCENE: WANDSWORTH. A muddy village, smoke curling from rooves, animals wander through the village. There is a tavern with a bench outside. (1min)

Godfrew sits at the bench drinking ale and asks the keeper where Drogo's men and their young lady friend are. The keeper tells him and tries to start a conversation; he looks away as his wife calls. Godfrew disappears. He moves through the village, keeping to the shadows until he reaches a stone stable. Inside there is a young woman's laughter.

SCENE: The inside of a stone stable, horses are in stalls along the wall, in the corner is a pile of hay. (1min)

Eve is standing in front of the hay, two young Normans face her; she is teasing them. Trying to communicate in English, they flirt with Eve, until they all fall down in the hay together. As one starts kissing Eve, the other starts to remove her clothes, but she resists. The Norman gives up, but commences to make love to her. Suddenly the Norman kissing Eve pulls back coughing, his face covered in blood. He stares at his colleague to find that a hayfork protrudes from his back pinning him and Eve to the floor. A saxe appears at his throat and cuts it. Godfrew, the wolf mask over his face, leans back and howls.

SCENE: The inside of a stone stable, horses are in stalls along the wall. (3min)

Snorrie the ostler is grooming a horse. A voice from the darkness calls to him and asks for a horse. Snorrie recognises the voice as belonging to Godfrew. Snorrie tells Godfrew that he had been accused of killing Eve and the two Normans. The conversation is stilted. In the end, for the sake of Godfrew's dead father, Snorrie relents and exchanges a dark pony for two gold rings. He also advises Godfrew to avoid recognition by reversing the wolf cloak so that the white wool lining shows.

SCENE: BATTERSEA. The inside of an inn, there are no customers. (3min)

Godfrew seeks refuge with his Uncle Edwin at the inn Edwin and his wife run in the Battersea marshes. Godfrew meets their serving maid, Elfgifu and is smitten by her. The attraction appears mutual. Godfrew's blind eye, or his limp does not put off Elfgifu. Edwin always calls Godfrew; 'Nephew', and as Godfrew will not give his name, Elfgifu calls him 'Wulf' after the cloak he wears. Edwin asks Godfrew to go to London to deliver some dried fish.

SCENE: LONDON. The inside of an inn, there are plenty of customers. (1.5min)

Godfrew delivers the fish and enquires after Teodoric the Goldsmith. The inn keeper advises he lives across the road. Godfrew takes lodgings at the inn.

SCENE: A cobbled road, there is a stone wall with a heavy double gate set in it. (0.5min)

Godfrew knocks and, after debate, is let into the yard of Teodoric's house.

SCENE: A richly furnished room, there are heavy tapestries on the walls. In the corner there is a charcoal fire burning in a free standing brassier. (2min)

There is a knock on the door and Teodoric looks up. The door opens and Godfrew is ushered in by an apprentice. Godfrew tries to withdraw money of his father's that Teodoric is holding. Only when Godfrew threatens the man with the saxe does he get some of the money. He promises to return later for the rest.

SCENE: An upstairs room at the inn. The eaves are low and there is a dormer window. (1.5min)

Godfrew sits at the window watching the stone wall surrounding Teodoric's house. There is now a Norman standing guard outside the gate. The apprentice brings food for the Norman. As he watches, Godfrew is modifying the mask of the wolf cloak by cutting the eyeholes out and stitching the mask to make it the true shape of a wolf's face.


Godfrew sits at the window watching the stone wall surrounding Teodoric's house. The apprentice brings food for the Norman guard.


Godfrew sits at the window watching the stone wall surrounding Teodoric's house. Godfrew is now wearing the wolf cloak with the mask over his face. He gets up and leaves the room.

SCENE: A cobbled road, there is a stone wall with a heavy double gate set in it. (0.5min)

The apprentice brings food for the Norman guard. After eating, the Norman walks along the wall to urinate. As he starts to urinate, a rope slips over his neck and, with a wolf looking over his shoulder, he is strangled.

SCENE: A kitchen with a large bread oven. (0.5min)

A kitchen hand calls out that he has just seen a wolf climb over the wall and that he is going to investigate. His colleague is inside the oven's firebox cleaning it. He calls out to his friend that he must be drunk. He pulls out of the firebox and walks towards the door, Godfrew in the wolf cloak steps in and knocks him out with a piece of wood.

SCENE: A richly furnished room, there are heavy tapestries on the walls. In the corner there is a charcoal fire burning in a free standing brassier. (2min)

There is a knock at the door. Teodoric is counting his money. The door swings open and a Norman soldier stands there. A wolf then looks over the Norman's shoulder and the dead Norman slides to the floor. Teodoric faints. When he comes too, the wolf has changed into Godfrew. Teodoric on seeing the boy's face and the blind eye thinks he is seeing Woden. Godfrew gets the rest of his father's money.

SCENE: BATTERSEA. A muddy village, smoke curling from rooves, There is a tavern with a bench outside. There is ice on the puddles of water and a hanging frost masks the area. (0.5min)

Godfrew rides in on his pony. He is so frozen that it takes Edwin and Elfgifu to get him off the pony and into the inn.

SCENE: The inside of an inn, there are no customers. (2min)

Edwin plies Godfrew with mulled ale, whilst Elfgifu helps him get his outside clothes off. Godfrew gives Edwin a small gift for Edwin's wife. Left alone, Godfrew shyly gives Elfgifu a gift too. On Edwin's return, Godfrew explains that he will have to leave Battersea. Elfgifu says that she is to visit family near the Welsh Marches. She is travelling with her cousin, Llewelyn and his wife. Godfrew says that he will join them.

SCENE: MARTINSFIELD. A tidy village that is laid out on flat land with wooded hills behind. (7min)

Llewelyn walks over from a cottage and tells the rest of the party that his parents have died of the plague. At the cottage door stand Llewelyn's brother Puta and sisters, Oakleaf and Mouse. As there are now many empty cottages and need of workers Llewelyn suggests that 'Wulf' should stay with them at Martinsfield.


Wulf, Llewelyn and other men round up horses and drive them into yards.


Wulf, and Elfgifu work in a vegetable garden.


Wulf and Puta work oxen ploughing.


Wulf and Llewelyn have just put some horses into a yard when Puta runs up and says that a party of armed Normans is heading towards the village. The Normans have been raiding the area, and now it was Martinsfield's turn. Llew calls the rest of the village men to arms. The women and children hide. The men wait between the houses and ambush the Norman horsemen as they ride in. Wulf uses his long axe, now sporting a plain handle. The Normans set fire to the end of the village, but many have been killed and they are eventually driven off. Wulf has been in the thick of the fighting and his skills with the axe are well noted. One of the houses burnt is Llew's. Wulf has helped the family escape by smashing down a wall, but Llew's wife is dead and the retreating Normans have trampled Mouse and other children.

As the village folk are laying out their dead and stripping the Norman dead, word is given that more horsemen are approaching the village. The tired men get ready for another fight, whilst the women and children hide again. Suddenly there is a cheer and the folk start to callout in joy. The new party is English and they are lead by Earl Edric, nicknamed; 'the Wild'. He is out hunting down the Normans who are raiding his land. He hears of Wulf's skill as a fighter and invites him to join him as a warrior. Wulf, Elfgifu, are to live at the Earl's main holding at Lybury. Llew asks if Oakleaf and Puta can join them. Oakleaf slyly smiles at Wulf; Elfgifu is not amused.

Edric's black slave woman looks at the wolf cloak and Wulf's blind eye and calls him 'Woden's Wulf'. Edric explains that Wulf is to lead a 'wolfpack' to discomfort his enemies.

SCENE: A wide valley with horses being herded by mounted men. (0.5min)

In front of the lead rider the ground breaks and a wolf stands up. The wolf has a long axe, which he uses to kill the surprised rider. Other men rise from the ground and kill the other riders.


SCENE: A dusty village. (0.5)

A wagon, loaded with hay is ridden into the village. As it pulls up outside the biggest house, a Norman walks over to talk to the driver. The hay explodes as men jump out. The village folk are herded together in a yard whilst the Normans are forced into the big house. A wolf sets fire to the house, then throws back his head and howls.


SCENE: A muddy village with several houses on fire. (0.5)

As Wulf and his men walk out, driving a small flock of sheep, a rider comes towards them, his clothing and moustaches show him as English. He stops in front of Wulf and tells him that he is Godwin, a leader of another of Edric's wolfpacks. The Earl has instructed them both to head for Hereford, where they are to secrete themselves in the town.

SCENE: HEREFORD. A busy street, facing are an earthen rampart with a palisade on the top. Large double gates break the ramparts and there is a palisaded bridge over the gates. In the street is a tavern with benches outside. (7min)

Wulf and two of his men, Clunn the Rat and Dunstan sit outside the tavern drinking and watching mounted Normans herding people and stock through the gates and into the city. At the rear of one group are some merchants, Godwin and his wife detach from the group and meet with Wulf. They tell him that Edric and some Welsh allies will start the siege that night.


Wulf and his men watch as catapulted rocks fly overhead and crash against the stone tower of the castle. The rocks change to fiery barrels. Godwin and his men light torches and run off to start more fires. Wulf watches as the Normans at the gate stare at the fires and start arguing. Eventually the Sergeant tells of a detachment and sends them with buckets to help put the fires out. The remaining Normans look over the palisade. Arrows fly and pin them to the wall. Wulf and Dunstan run out and kill the two Normans at the gate. They open the gate and watch as wild Welsh rush in on shaggy ponies. They are followed by Edric's men. Wulf and his men try to clear the ramparts. In the fight Wulf sees a Norman with one eye and no nose, the man hits Wulf on the shoulder and is about to kill him, Godwin arrives to save Wulf. The Norman runs off waving a fingerless hand at Wulf.

SCENE: The inside of a barn, it is crowded with refugees. (0.5min)

Godwin helps Wulf inside, where his wife treats Wulf's damaged shoulder. Dunstan comes in and gives Wulf a black whippet puppy. The barn door opens to shown some of the Welsh holding a nun down across a flat tombstone. Clunn starts to undo his britches in order to rape her. The door closes as she starts to scream.

SCENE: LYBURY. The inside of a palisaded farm, wagons full of goods are coming in, as are herds and flocks of stock. (0.5min)

Wulf, his shoulder strapped, is seated. His men are counting goods on a wagon and Wulf is making notches on a tally stick. Elfgifu, a baby in her arms, tells Wulf that Edric is looking for him. Oakleaf stands behind Wulf and rubs herself against him. Wulf gets Puta to take over the tally.

SCENE: The inside of a luxurious hall, a carved table is set at the far end, behind it two carved chairs. (1min)

Edric and his wife are seated, Edric's black slave woman stands behind, and they are all conferring. Wulf stands at the table. Edric informs him that the taking of Hereford is part of a national revolt against the Norman invaders. The counter invasion from Ireland by King Harold's sons has been defeated. Wulf and his wolfpack are to go to the Isle of Ely in the Fens and give the news to Hereward the Wake.

SCENE: THE FENS. A sluggish stream runs through reed beds, a punt is being poled along. (1.5min)

Wulf, his men and the dog (Shock) sit in the punt as it works its way along the stream. Slowly the punt heads towards the bank of a low island. After exchanging birdcalls with the poleman on the punt, men appear and help the wolfpack ashore. The leader, Brynoth, explains that Hereward is away and will not be back until nightfall.

SCENE: The inside of a crowded hall, tables are packed with men, women are serving them food and drink. There is constant noise. (3min)

Brynoth and Wulf are drinking, but get involved in a disjointed conversation with some drunken Danes, Hereward's allies. They are summonsed to the head table where Hereward tells them that Waltheof has beaten the Normans at York, but that a Norman army is on its way to the Isle of Ely.

SCENE: A crowded camp of tents and poor huts, many of the folk are showing injuries. (0.5min)

Brynoth tells Wulf that the Normans are to attempt an attack and that he and his men are needed to help defend the Isle. The wolfpack gathers its weapons and heads for the battle. Shock is tied up.

SCENE: A riverbank between it and the river is a wicker fence. On the opposite side are flat reed beds. (4min)

Wulf and his men join the men in the shield wall. A glint of steel shows the Norman army approaching through the reed bed. The Normans begin deploying. A witch comes forth and begins cursing the English in French. A small man leaves the English lines and says that they cannot loose as Woden is with them, he points to Wulf. The man begins a chant. At a signal from Hereward, Tosti, one of Wulf's men, shoots the witch with an arrow from his long bow. The Norman advance, throwing wicker hurdles to advance on. Hereward gives the signal for some of the English archers to fire at them. The Normans get closer, Hereward allows more archers to fire, but is more interested in looking to the rear of the Norman army that continues to make its way out of the reed beds. The Normans bring a pontoon bridge forward.

SCENE: A sluggish stream with a wooden bridge across it.

The last of the Norman army cross the bridge, as they do so, heads appear from the stream. The men in the water attack the bridge with hand axe and saxe. One man climbs up onto one of the wooden piles and holds his saxe to catch the sunlight.

SCENE: A riverbank between it and the river is a wicker fence. On the opposite side are flat reed beds. (3min)

Hereward sees the flash from the saxe just as the Norman's bridge reached the English bank. Hereward laughs and signals Tosti to fire a flaming arrow into the reeds. The signal given, men hidden on the Norman side of the river fire the reeds. The English archers all fire, the Normans panic and start running into the fens where they sink in the mud. Shock joins Wulf and starts barking at the few Normans who have crossed the bridge. The Danes take courage with 'Woden's' hound calling them to battle and they charge and kill the Normans. Hereward walks amongst his men laughing.


It is now dark and the English are sitting around fires drinking. In the background the reeds smoulder and glow red. Occasionally a Norman cries out in French before being sucked into the fen.

SCENE: A crowded camp of tents and poor huts. (0.5min)

Wulf and his men are sitting sharpening their weapons or fletching arrows. Puta mends a torn shirt. One of Wulf's men, injured at Hereford, Edgar, comes and sits by them, with him is his wife and two young daughters. He tells Wulf that Edric and also Waltheof have been forced to make peace with King William the Norman. The wolfpack is to return home, and to avoid any trouble on the way. Wulf learns that he now has two sons.

SCENE: HUNTINGDON. The outside of a palisaded manor. Facing it are woods. It is dusk. (0.5min)

Wulf and his men are watching from the woods. One by one they join people going into the manor.

SCENE: A stable. (0.5min)

A stable hand enters the stable and is grabbed by a wolf. He is given King Harold's ring and told to show it to Earl Waltheof and to explain that horses are needed.


It is now dark. The stable hand returns and tells Wulf that he can have the horses, but he must be careful as King William's brother, Bishop Odo, is at the manor with his men. The wolfpack leave one by one. Wulf leaves last.

SCENE: The yard of a palisaded manor. The palisade is of wooden stakes; there is a gap with a wicker hurdle that is used for the gate. (0.5min)

Wulf rides towards the gap. A Norman soldier looks up at him. Wulf rides on, but another Norman looks at him as he rides by; the Norman has no nose and only one eye. He recognises Wulf and calls, in French, for him to be stopped. Normans run out and pull a wagon across the gateway. Wulf's pony tries to jump the wagon but falls. Wulf crashes to the ground and blacks out.

SCENE: The inside of a luxurious hall, there are tables along both sides where both English and Norman sit eating and drinking. At the far end is a high table set on a dais. (2min)

Earl Waltheof sits at the high table to his right is Odo. A priest stands behind their chairs to act as a translator. The doors of the hall open and the noseless Norman comes in, behind him two armed Normans drag the unconscious Wulf behind them, the mask of his wolf cloak swings from side to side. Shock runs along side his master. There is an exchange between Waltheof and Odo over what to do with Wulf. Waltheof allows the noseless Norman to keep Wulf under arrest. Wulf is dragged out moaning.

SCENE: The inside of a stone warehouse. There are sacks of wool. Hanging from a beam is a hook on a rope that runs over a pulley. (3min)

Noseless examines Wulf and discovers that his shoulder has been damaged. He instructs his two men to tie Wulf's arms behind his back. They then hoist Wulf on the pulley. Wulf screams, they jiggle the rope. The door opens and Odo tells them to stop the noise.


It is morning. There is a knock on the door. The leader of Waltheof's hearth troop has food for the Normans. Shock sneaks in and sits by his master's dangling feet.


It is night. There is a knock on the door. The leader of Waltheof's hearth troop has food for the Normans.


It is morning. There is a knock on the door. The leader of Waltheof's hearth troop has food for the Normans.


It is night. There is a knock on the door. The leader of Waltheof's hearth troop has food for the Normans. They eat it and fall asleep. Shock eats it and falls asleep too.


The door opens. The leader of Waltheof's hearth troop gives an outside Norman guard a coin and enters the warehouse with a monk. The monk is Waltheof, they examine Wulf, give him wine. They then leave carrying the wolf cloak, axe and Shock.

SCENE: A road through the forest. (2min)

Odo leads mounted Normans along the road. A tree falls across the road breaking the party in two. Arrows fell the Normans in the rear group; tied across a horse is Wulf. Noseless gathers men in the front party and goes to ride back, the men at his side are shot down and he shakes his fist in frustration. Wulf has been cut down off the horse and is being tended by Puta and Shock. Dunstan puts the wolf cloak and axe by Wulf's side.

SCENE: A road through the forest. (0.25)

Wulf is hidden in the bushes asleep. Clunn leads the men in ambushing a party of Norman merchants. The Normans are robbed and killed.


SCENE: A dusty village. (0.5)

Clunn and the rest of the wolfpack break into the largest house and ransack it. A man and a woman disturb them. They kill the man and start to rape the woman.


SCENE: A muddy village with several houses on fire. (0.25)

Clunn and the rest of the wolfpack walk out, driving a small flock of sheep.


SCENE: The inside of a cottage. The inside is wrecked. A dead woman lies on the floor, a dead man is propped against the wall. A table is in the middle of the room. Moonlight comes in from the smoke hole and strikes the table. (1 min)

A young girl is dragged backwards over the table. Members of the wolfpack pinion her. Clunn teases her then starts to undress her. Just as he is about to commence the rape, a saxe appears at his throat and a wolf looks over his shoulder. Wulf gathers the now sobbing girl, she glances at the dead man and then Wulf. Wulf takes her out.

SCENE: LYBURY. The inside of a palisaded farm. (0.5)

The wolfpack enter and are ignored. Elfgifu, with a baby in her arms and holding the hand of a toddler greets the crippled Wulf, but it is Oakleaf who helps him walk. At his side is the little girl; she speaks only French. She refers to Wulf as 'Papa'. A man comes to tell Wulf that Earl Edric wants him.

SCENE: A richly furnished room, wood panelled and hung with tapestries. There is a table and three chairs behind it. (1.5min)

Earl Edric and his wife and slave are seated. Wulf stands before them, stopping and rocking with pain; the little girl is one side and Shock the other Edric sees the discomfort and gets a hearth trooper to bring a stool for Wulf. He cannot keep Wulf because of what happened on the way back from Huntingdon. He ponders then talks to his women. He tells Wulf that he will save him and the wolfpack by sending them to work for Earl Ralf of East Anglia. He will also teach Clunn to know his place. Wulf leaves, outside is Clunn with a hearth trooper holding either arm.

SCENE: IPSWICH. A busy street, facing are an earthen rampart with a palisade on the top. Large double gates break the ramparts and there is a palisaded bridge over the gates. (1.5)

Four warriors at the gate halt a wagon. Puta is driving, Wulf is slumped by his side, and in the back are Elfgifu, Oakleaf and the children. In another wagon are Edgar, his wife and children. Alongside the wagon are the wolfpack on ponies. One warrior goes and fetches a short-tempered Norman steward who tells Wulf, in broken English, to follow him. They walk through the street; Wulf has trouble keeping up. They reach a building site. Two well-dressed men are discussing plans for a castle in French. The soldier talks to them and one comes over, he is dressed as an Englishman. He asks if Wulf fought at Hastings. Wulf says no. The man says that he is Earl Ralf; his father was English, but he fought at Hastings for the Normans. He says that Edric has recommended Wulf for auditing his manors, as the books do not balance.


SCENE: A well laid out village. There is a large house by the green. It has a bench outside with a table. (0.25min)

Wulf and his men ride in. A man greets them, at his side a small boy wearing a red shirt. Wulf puts a book on the table and shows the figures. The man agrees with them. Wulf gets up and suggests they go inside.


SCENE: The inside of a richly furnished house. There is a carved wallboard. (0.25min)

Wulf goes to the wallboard and opens a door, he removes a panel and pulls out a book. He shows it to the man and lays it alongside his own book, the figures do not match. The man goes to argue, but Clunn, now with cropped ears, puts a saxe to his throat.


SCENE: A green field in front of a wood. (0.25)

A man with a youth in a red shirt stand with a small herd of swine. Wulf looks at his book and checks the number. The man smiles. A larger herd break out of the wood driven by the wolfpack The man shakes his head in disappointment.


SCENE: A crossroad. (0.25)

Wulf and his men ride up to a wagon stopped at the crossroad. In the wagon are Edgar and his family. The tray of the wagon has a few sacks on it. Wulf greets Edgar as 'Master Salt', Edgar laughs, the wife passes over a piece of paper, on it are details of a farm and its stock. Wulf smiles and he and the wolfpack ride on.

SCENE: DALLINGHO. A prosperous village. (3min)

Wulf and his men enter and are met by a Norman who speaks poor English. The Norman sends them to meet the headman, Bundo. They talk, Bundo tells of the fall of Ely to the Normans. Godfrew looks at the books. He tells Bundo that they are wrong and that he knows where the other animals are and where the book with the true figures is hidden. Bundo looks at the wolf cloak and the blind eye and tells him that he must really be Woden if he has such insight. Bundo introduces the rather fat widow Freja at whose house he is to spend the night. Freja and Wulf go to her cottage.

SCENE: A comfortable cottage, a central hearth, table and two chairs. (2min)

Freja takes Wulf into the cottage. Inside there is a young man in a red shirt; he is sprawled in a chair, he is the village Robin. He makes suggestive remarks to Freja who politely asks him to leave. However she does invite him to join her at the May festival the next morn. Freja notices that Wulf has a damaged shoulder that is causing him pain. She says that she can cure it with unguents and massage.


It is now night. Freja massages Wulf's shoulder, she lays him on the table, straddles him and commences to give his shoulder a heavy massage. He moans with pain

SCENE: The outside of a cottage. (0.25min)

Clunn and Tosti are quite drunk. They look in the cottage and see the shadow of Freja on top of Wulf. They assume the worse, laugh and leave to find women.

SCENE: A prosperous village. (0.25min)

Wulf's shoulder is so good he does not need help to mount his pony. Clunn, Tosti and Dunstan watch as Robin is lead away by a group of young maids to where Freja and the women are waiting for him. They decide that all the Robins they have seen in East Anglia are spoilt and that they would like to be a Robin.

SCENE: A ploughed field, overlooked by woods. (1min)

The women lead Robin into the field. Starting with the maids, they all kiss him. Freja is last. She steps back, the maids holding Robin's hands pull his arms out wide. Freja starts to undo her smock; Robin smiles. Freja pulls out a saxe and cuts his throat. Robin is left face down in the field. Freja looks to the woods and nods. The women leave. Bundo and two other men come out of the woods and, using two poles, make Robin onto a scarecrow, which they erect. They discuss which wife will give birth to the next boy child, the one who will be the next Robin.

SCENE: IPSWICH. A busy street. (0.25min)

Wulf and the wolfpack dismount outside a cottage. Puta leads the ponies away and Shock goes with him. Fleur, the little French girls rushes up and kisses him, she now speaks some English. Wulf enters the cottage holding Fleur's hand.

SCENE: The inside of a prosperous cottage. There is a front room with a doorway leading into the kitchen. In the kitchen is a large tub of hot water. (0.25)

Wulf enters and heads into the kitchen, where a woman is bathing his two sons. He comes behind her and starts to fondle her and kiss her. The woman responds. There is a cry of shock. Wulf turns to find that he the woman is not Elfgifu, but her cousin, Oakleaf. Oakleaf smiles. Elfgifu informs him that Earl Ralf is looking for him.

SCENE: The inside of a castle keep. There are unfinished stones and balks of timber, workmen carry items in and out. (0.25)

Ralf is talking in French to his steward and a richly dressed stranger. He sees Wulf and beckons him over. He advises he is to be married to Roger of Hereford's sister. Wulf is to arrange the supplies. The stranger is Roger; he speaks English. He says that they will need special 'Bridal Ale'. Wulf says he will get it from a brewer in Battersea.

SCENE: A passageway in a castle keep. There is light and laughter coming from the hall at the end. Platters of food are being carried through. (2min)

Waltheof and his hearth troop leader walk along the passage. Wulf intercepts them. There is a tortured discussion: Wulf wants to warn them that Waltheof is being drawn into a doomed plot that Ralf and Roger are hatching. Waltheof doesn't take him seriously. Wulf advises that his Uncle Edwin is ill, and Edwin's wife dying, so he has Ralf's permission to go to Battersea to look after them.

SCENE: BATTERSEA. The inside of an inn, there are no customers. (2.5min)

Uncle Edwin has had a stroke that affects one side of his body. He takes Wulf and Elfgifu to see his wife.

SCENE: A poor bedroom. The bed has many blankets on it.

Edwin's wife has lost most of her body weight and coughs blood. Edwin leaves to show Oakleaf and the children where they are to sleep. Elfgifu tends Edwin's wife. With Edwin away, the wife dies. Elfgifu and Wulf talk about their love. Wulf asks Elfgifu not to ever leave him.


Elfgifu is cleaning up the bedroom. She starts coughing and sees blood on her hands.


Edwin shuffles in to say that a customer has told him that there had been an unsuccessful revolt against King William. Ralf is in exile, Roger in prison, and Waltheof beheaded. Elfgifu lies in the bed dead. A smiling Oakleaf holds a sobbing Wulf in her arms. Fleur comforts the boys.

The Old man

SCENE: A road through the forest. Sunlight slants through the trees. (1 min)

A heavily laden wagon travels along the road. At its head is a tall blond young man. At the tailgate an old man limps along using a heavy stick, at his heel is a black whippet. A mounted man, with a boy on the pillion, overtakes them and makes them halt. He points to some rabbits hanging from the tailgate. He dismounts and, in broken English, he asks where they stole them. The old man says he knows of no rabbits, but the baby hares were fair game. No longer he is informed; they are under arrest and face punishment. The old man flicks back his wolf cloak to show that the stick he uses to help him walk is in fact the haft of a long axe. The warren keeper laughs. The old man lifts the axe; as the sweep starts the keeper's laughter turns to a cry.

SCENE: A clearing in the woods. It is night and there is a fire in front of a wagon. A hobbled horse grazes. (1min)

Moithar, the young man, asks his father why he killed the keeper and his son. Wulf pulls his cloak around his shoulders and fondles Suck, Shock's son. He explains that he won't let Normans push him around. He also explains that he has killed several others in similar circumstances. Moithar tells him the fighting is over and he is impossible to live with. Moithar moves away and rolls into a blanket to sleep.

SCENE: BATTERSEA. The inside of an inn, there are no customers. (2min)

Moithar comes in stripped to the waist. He asks his wife, Fleur, to dry his back. Fleur asks where Wulf is. The old man is missing. In his room they find some coins and King Harold's ring. They are for Fleur. A note apologises for taking her. Fleur cries.

SCENE: WANDSWORTH. The inside of a dirty inn. In a corner cubicle is a beer stained table, there are benches either side of it.

Six youths sit at the table. They want to join King William Rufus' army as camp followers. They need money and plot to mug Wulf, who they had seen earlier. A saxe appears at the leader's throat and a wolf looks over his shoulder. Wulf talks them into raiding a farm to get money.

SCENE: GARRETT. A small fast running river cuts through low water meads with water mill. There is a small clump of trees. (2min)

Wulf shows the youths the farm. He then tells them how to gather information for the raid. They are to report back to him that afternoon.


Wulf listens to the youths. The landholder and his wife are leaving for London that evening. Wulf is delighted and draws his plans in the dirt


It is late afternoon. A party leaves the farm on horseback.


It is dark. Wulf pulls the mask of his wolf cloak down and kisses his axe.

SCENE: The outside of a hedged farm. The hedge is overgrown, and gaps have been plugged with stakes. (1min)

Wulf throws a ball of cheese over the hedge into the geese pen, he then lets Suck loose. The geese are disturbed but the farm folk mistake Suck for a fox. Two men set out to get the fox whilst the farm settles down again. Wulf knocks the two men out as they come past.

SCENE: The inside of a hedged farmyard. There are outbuildings and a small hall. (0.5)

Wulf shows the youths how to jam doors and windows shut. He then takes them to the hall. Here he cuts a window open and puts a youth inside. The front door opens and they all go inside.

SCENE: The inside of the hall. It is well furnished. There is a staircase in one corner leading to a loft. (2min)

Wulf tells the youths where they are likely to find money and jewellery. He climbs to the loft and seeks out the owner's sons. They awake at his axe stroke and get away. They run to an old woman that protects them. She is Ake's daughter and recognises Wulf by his blind eye. Wulf is surprised the boys speak English instead of French. Ake's daughter says that she is their nanny and she has brought them up as English. The boys ask if Wulf is a wicked Norman that has come to raid Garrett. Shocked, Wulf leaves them. The youths have found money, so they leave.

SCENE: The inside of a hedged farmyard. There are outbuildings and a small hall. (0.5)

As they are about to leave they are challenged in broken English by a man who holds a pitchfork. Wulf kills him with his long axe. Two of the youths are sick. Wulf leaves on his own.

SCENE: CROYDON. The inside of a large church. The high altar is lit with candles. (0.25)

A monk finishes his prayers. As he rises a younger monk tells him that an old man who is blind and almost dead has been brought to the infirmary. The old man has a large saxe and a protective dog that bites. They leave together.

SCENE: A small cell. There is a litter on the floor and little else.(1min)

As the monks enter, Shock hides behind Wulf, who is propped up against the wall. He is very dirty and has a bandage around his eyes. Wulf is covered by the wolf cloak; it is full of burrs. The monks talk to Wulf and examine his eyes. When Wulf cries out in pain when the light gets in, Shuck bites a monk and gets thrown out of the cell. They commence to bathe his eyes, but think he will die of fever.

SCENE: GARRETT. A small fast running river cuts through low water meads with water mill. It is night and the river is in full flood.(1min)

The young Wulf wades against the river's flow towards the weir. Behind him are boats. The boats are crewed by all the people he has killed. He turns in horror and strives to escape, but cannot. Behind the boats, edging them on, is Woden on his 8-legged horse. Wulf looks to the shore. There a figure in shining white calls him over. It is Jesus promising forgiveness. Wulf is surrounded by the dead and cannot get through, but at Jesus command they, and Woden, fade away. Wulf crawls out of the water and grasps Jesus' ankles.

SCENE: CROYDON. A small cell. There is a litter on the floor and little else. (0.5min)

The monks enter the cell; Shock is with them. They are surprised that Wulf is alive, and the fever gone. They ask Wulf his name. He says that he is called Godfrew.

SCENE: A stone walled yard. A wagon is having barrels unloaded. The barrels are being rolled down into a cellar. (1min)

Godfrew is wearing a patched monk's habit. As he walks into the yard, a monk joins him and says that the special ale Godfrew had recommended has arrived. It is fortuitous as the new king, King Henry, is due to visit. Godfrew can't see Shuck. The monk says that the dog is making a fuss of a woman by the wagon. Godfrew goes over and is tearfully reunited with Fleur. He tells her he is a lay worker at the monastery and that she can visit him when she needs him. Moithar appears from the cellar, he is less pleased to see his father.

SCENE: The inside of a large church. The high altar is lit with candles. (0.25)

Godfrew and some monks enter the church. There are a group of men are talking in French. Godfrew bumps into one. He turns round; it is the noseless Norman.

SCENE: The Abbot's reception room. The stone walls are bare, there is a plain table and a chair. A wine ewer and a goblet are on the table. (3min)

The noseless Norman is standing by the table. Before him is the whole religious community in procession. Those behind the Abbot hold bell, book, and candle. The Abbott tells the Norman that Godfrew is a monk and cannot be arrested. A Norman monk hold the candle and he is asked to translate. The noseless Norman informs them that Godfrew's tonsure is natural. He intends to take Godfrew to London for trial for murder. The Abbott excommunicates the noseless one, and leads the procession out.

An immaculately dressed nobleman enters. He asks what has happened. He insists they speak English. In broken English, the noseless Norman says nothing important. Quizzed he acknowledges arresting Godfrew. The noble reminds him that crimes after the Conquest were pardoned by King Henry. Noseless still wants Godfrew hanged. The noble says that with Henry marrying the last of the English princesses, all enmity must cease. He warns that he will get Godfrew freed.

SCENE: A driveway through a green field. There is an oak tree at the end. It is dawn. (1min)

Godfrew walks between two young soldiers; his arms are tied. Ahead is the noseless Norman carrying a hangman's noose. Shuck rushes out and bites the Norman's leg. In pain the Norman draws his sword and kills the dog. Godfrew stops suddenly. A shaft of sunlight breaks through the clouds and illuminates him. He looks towards the sun and sees Jesus opening his arms wide to welcome him. Godfrew smiles, shakes and goes rigid. He collapses. The party stops. The noseless Norman comes back to find Godfrew dead. He gets angry and starts kicking the body.

SCENE: At the foot of an oak tree there is a grave. Frost gleams on the grass covering it. (0.5)

Fleur, an old woman, kneels at the grave and offers prayers of thanksgiving in French accented English. Behind her stand two tall blond young men. At the side of each young man is a black whippet.


SUGGESTED MUSIC: Beastie by Jethro Tull.



Son of the Thane of Garrett.

The Young Man

Tall and blond. He has a cataract on his left eye. He has a boy's face with no body hair. From Stamford Bridge onwards his battle injuries make him walk like an old man. He tends to wear a wide brimmed hat. Because of this, people identify him with the Germanic god Woden.

As he gets older, his hair goes white and he prematurely goes bald. He becomes progressively short-sighted.

The Old Man

He still has a boys face, but his stopped walk has become more pronounced. His eyesight is very bad.


Earl of Huntingdon

Tall, bearded and powerful. He has a commanding presence


A Norman sergeant

Medium height and stocky. He looses his nose, right eye, and the fingers of one hand at the Fosse. As he gets older he gets meaner, balder and fatter. Speaks no English till the end and then badly.


Godfrew's Uncle

An Inn keeper

Fat and balding. He talks, but rarely listens. He later suffers from a stroke that affects his left side.


Godfrew/Wulf's wife.

Blond and plump. Giggles a lot.


Elfgifu's cousin

Dark and stocky. He can be aggressive and unpredictable.


Elfgifu's cousin

Ginger, plump, soft and effeminate


Elfgifu's cousin

Ginger/blond and plump. Similar in looks to Elfgifu. Moons after 'Wulf'.


A powerful thane in the Welsh Marches. Called an Earl by his followers

Slim, white blond, piercing eyes, long moustaches. Broody and often circumspect in speech.


A member of the wolfpack

Small, dark, dirty, bearded and rat like. Cunning behaviour.


A member of the wolfpack

Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, wispy moustache. Follows Clunn's lead.


A member of the wolfpack

Tall, overweight, thick hair. Forgets words and replaces them with nonsense words.


A member of the wolfpack

Small, blond, delicately built, long moustaches. Argues a lot with Clunn.


Thane of Bourne.

He holds the Isle of Ely

Tall, balding, died yellow hair, tending to over weight. Very confident manner


Earl of East Anglia

Tall, well built and dark, long moustaches. He is fluent in English and French. Hard to read.


Wulf's foster daughter

The little girl - slender child, copper hair, freckles.

The woman - medium build.

Loves 'Wulf' as her father, and is devoted to him. Speaks English with French accent.


Wulf/Elfgifu's son

The same as the young Godfrew. Indifferent to his father. Clipped speech.