Music Mecca CD 4091-2 2005 13 tracks, 72 min

The Last Mile Of The Way, In The Garden, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Amazing Grace, I Shall Not Be Moved, Peace In The Valley, This Little Light Of Mine, His Eye Is On The Sparrow, In The Sweet Bye & Bye, Abide With Me, Just A Little While To Stay Here, He Touched Me, You Are My Sunshine

When my old mate, ex-international speedway rider and fellow traditional jazz aficionado Bob Andrews came back from a big jazz festival in Australia he waffled on to me about this amazing gospel and blues singer he had heard called Lee Gunness. He had tried to get a copy of one of her albums, but they had sold out. He said I must hear her and maybe I should try and get a CD via the Internet (he is a bit like that; get someone else to buy a CD and then borrow it). I looked but finances always seemed strained (Iím a bit like that with money: cautious). However, when I saw this CD putting Lee with one of the worldís finest New Orleans bands, I just had to get it didnít I.

Lee Gunness is everything Bob said about her and more. This diminutive Ozzie singer has a rich deep voice that belies her size. When you couple her with New Orleans Delight and their guest Norbert Susemihi you have an album that is a must buy. I have listened to NOD for some years now hearing them improve and mature. I have also heard them with some excellent lady singers, but this CD is the ultimate, especially so given my love of gospel. I am not sure what else I can say without sounding like a simpering sycophant, so forget any caution you may have with spending your money, get a copy for yourself, donít try borrowing it. Play it just the once and you will know why I am saying that this CD belongs in every jazz loverís collection.

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PS: Since writing this I have lent the CD to my father. Unfortunately he won't give it back, so it looks like I will have to wait until he dies to re-claim it. In view of this I think I will use the CD to play at his funeral when the time comes.