Draft copies only for my CD-ROM 1066 & the Norman Conquest

England 1066 on the Eve of the Conquest

King Edward the Confessor

The Rise of the House of Godwin

Harold Godwinson, Last King of the English

Harald Hardrada, King of Norway

William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy

Edgar the Atheling

The Armies of 1066

The Battle of Fulford

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The Battle of Hastings

The Continued Resistance of the English to the Normans

The Church and the Conquest

Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester

Domesday and the Normanisation of England

The traumatic effect on the English of the Conquest

How the rest of Europe viewed it.

1066 in written & oral traditions

Hereward the Wake - resistance hero

Edric the Wild - resistance hero

Waltheof - resistance hero

Edwin & Morcar - the Enigmatic Earls

The Revolt of the Earls - Anglo Norman Earls against King William

Viking involvement in the Norman Conquest

The effect of 1066 on the English language

The fate of King Harold's family

"Woden's Wolf" a novel based on the resistance to the Conquest

Stanley Holloway's monalogue on the Battle of Hastings

On Senlac Ridge (poem)

The Hoar Apple Tree (poem)

Map 1066 Invasions

Map 1065

Map 1060

Map 1056

Map 1052

Map 1051

Map 1050

Map 1045

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