The outfits lined up across the road. A scarf came down and the eight machines leapt off the starting grid. Well seven leapt off, Jesus' outfit toodled off. The lads stood on the side supports of the Bridge to watch.

Despite all the laws of mechanics Pete was in the lead followed by Del and Alan, their passengers leaning over at ridiculous angles as they all power slid round the round-a-bout. Jesus was way behind everyone else and decided it was hopeless to try and stay in the race. Instead of going back up the Bridge after going round the round-a-bout he turned left into Battersea Park. Unfortunately he forgot to tell Cecil who continued to hang over the saddle for the right hand curve of the round-a-bout. The law of centrifugal force prevailed and the weight transferred to the bike. With Cecil adding to the shifted weight rather than countering it, the plot turned turtle. The other side-cars pounded past the coffee stall, Del and Pete neck and neck. The blue haze from Pete's exhaust hung in the air.

"What about the lights? What if they are red?" a stranger to the Bridge asked.

"So? What if the lights are red? So?" the Big Feller couldn't understand why some one should ask such a silly question. "They've got a horn haven't they? They've even got good passengers haven't they? So what's the worry?"

Scoffer pulled in beaming like a Cheshire cat and parked his newly acquired Norton Dominator at the end of the row of bikes "Evening all. Guess what?"

Gurn broke off from his half eaten hot dog "By the smile on your face; Norton have returned to racing."

"No, no, not quite as good as that. Leo has got the sack and the owners are reopening Bernie's at night again."

GR looked at Yvonne "Do you want a lift home?" He held out his hand, she took it and they headed for his bike.

"Ain't that cute" said Cecil as he limped over.

"I'll give you cute" Jesus tweaked Cecil's ear. "You little bike wrecker you. You wait till I tell your mummy."

Scoffer looked over from the coffee stall where he was waiting for the decrepit owner to pour him some of the creosote tasting coffee "Cheer up Jesus, Bernie's is open again."

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