The lads stood quietly outside the Plough Road Baths a lorry with L.T.2 in tow pulled into the side road. Big G jumped out of the cab and joined Foxy by the car. The lads formed a line facing L.T.2 whilst Foxy removed a few bits and pieces that might still be of use, and placed them in the back of the lorry next to an old piano.

Foxy turned and faced the congregation."Dearly unwashed. We have gathered here tonight to say farewell to an old and faithful friend." He turned to face the car, picked up some gravel, and sprinkled it over the dented bonnet, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. If the big end don't get yer, the rust sure must." He bowed his head. Totter went over and removed the number plates whilst Cecil commenced removing the engine number with a file. The necessary removals having been completed Foxy came over to the lads and their girlfriends to thank them for their support in his time of need.

"You going home now then?" GR asked.

"Yeh. Big G has got to get the lorry back before his boss notices it's missing. Oh, but before that, we've got to drop the piano off. It's Goosey's birthday present."

GR looked surprised "I didn't know Goosey played the piano."

"It ain't his birthday either" Foxy leapt up onto the tail-board of the lorry, pulled up a box and sat in front of the piano. "And now we are going to play a waltz."

Plink plonk, plink plonk.

The lorry backfired and drove off into the night.

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