I am Geoff Boxell and I work for the Technology Management and Innovation unit of the University of Waikato.

My hobbies include motorcycling, speedway, English history and traditional jazz.

I read a lot, especially books to do with history, particularly the Anglo-Saxon and English Civil War periods. I have recently been involved in producing a replica saxe and a long axe. I am the author of an historical novel called 'Woden's Wolf' published in NZ by Gama Books. It deals with the effects of the Norman Conquest on the English.I have a new book due to be published soon called,''Just for Kicks', which is a semi-autobiographical novel about my time as a Rocker in the 60s.

I am an active Christian and attend the Te Awamutu Bible Chapel. For many years I have been involved in youth work for the church.

My wife Lyn and I have three sons, a cat and two whippets. We live on a large section with lots of trees and flowers and spend a lot of our time working in the garden.

I was born at Earlsfield in South London, and my wife was born in St Mary Cray, Kent. We have lived in New Zealand since 1969, taking out citizenship in 1972.

If you are interested in any of the above I would love to hear from you:

Geoff Boxell.