My interest in history goes way back. I have been reading both historical text books and novels since I was about eight when I developed an interest in Richard the Lionheart from seeing the film Robin Hood. My mother was always an avid reader and at the time she was reading a biography of Richard I , despite my young age I had no problems reading and understanding it. The result was an addiction to both reading, and history, that still possesses me.

My main interst at present is the immediate pre and post Norman Conquest period. I have written a series of articles covering the period. These, together with some by other authors, can be accessed if you click here .

I also like to write and have a published historical novel called: Woden's Wolf, and an educational CD-ROM called, '1066 & the Norman Conquest'. Both can be ordered from the appropriate sites.

I have made a replica saxe and a long axe based on dimensions of two held at the British Museum.

My prime areas of interest are Anglo-Saxon history including both early Saxon and the Viking period, late middle ages, and the English Civil War. For a long time I avoided joining any re-enactment groups. However I am now a member of the SCA. I am, in addition a Gesið in Ða Engliscan Gesiðas.

Although outside my main periods of study, like most Englishmen, I have an interest in the Magna Carta.

For some interesting Anglo-Saxon and Viking Links click here

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