The lads pulled up in front of the little sweet shop. It was one of those bright days that give a hint of the spring that is just around the corner. Graham got off his bike and led the lads into the cramped shop.

The wispy man behind the counter looked up from his newspaper."Yes? Oh, its you. I suppose you want my daughter?" He looked suspiciously at the lads and made a mental note of everything that was on the counter before he opened the door to the room behind the counter. An attractive girl came out followed by a younger, and better developed edition, and a tubby girl with bright ginger hair and a mass of freckles.

"Hello Graham."

For once Graham was tongue tied. He did however turn to the others with a 'Hows about that there then' look as he led them all outside.

"This is my younger sister Eileen, and this is her friend."

Ginger took a fancy to Cecil. Cecil tried, unsucessfully, to avoid her gaze.

"Does your sister, and her friend, want to come out for a ride then?" Gra asked the attractive girl.

The girl looked at him hypnotically. "Course."

Ginger had cornered Cecil against his bike, he turned his eyes to heaven and prayed. He received no reply so submitted himself to his fate. "Suppose you want a lift Ginger?" His hopes for Divine help were finally dashed as the girl pulled down the pillion footrests and mounted the bike.

GR ran an appreciative eye over Eileen's generous figure "Hello luv, want the ride of a lifetime?"

Eileen ran an appreciative eye over GR's gleaming new Honda 305 Super Hawk "Ok."

"Richmond Park, here we come." Gra adjusted his sunglasses, have problems as they only had one arm.

"Wee oh, wee oh."

The lads moved off in their usual manner, demonstrating to the girls just how exciting, yet dangerous, life in their company could be.

GR placed his clutch hand on his pasenger's knee and shouted back into the slipstream "Tell me, have you ever seem Ham Common? It's very pretty, particularly the woods."

The hunting season had arrived.

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