Two dozen bikes in Indian file poodled along, a gaggle of scooters sprawled all over the road in front, like spilt paint. One by one the bikes pounced, cutting and weaving as they went. As the last bike completed the manoeuvre the rest roared off along the narrow lane leaving the shattered Mods far behind. The bikes slowed down again, they came across another gaggle, and repeated the exercise. A third gaggle loomed in front, and the lead bike was about to start the fun when a motorcycle coming the opposite way started flashing his headlight. The lead bike dropped back. GR stopped flashing, took his hands off of the handle bars and waved the lads down. As they came round the next bend in the narrow road the lads saw what the trouble was. A dozen or so Police motorbikes were parked under the trees, riders with helmets on, engines running, ready for action. The lads did a careful U-turn, waved to the nice Policemen, and returned to the Bridge.

When they got there they found that Pete had arrived and was emptying a half gallon of waste oil into his bottomless oil tank. Little Ray went over to him "Just had some fun with the Mods in the Park. We could have done with your dispensable outfit. It would have lent a little bit of weight." He watched as Pete threw the now empty can into the chair "GR saved us from a nicking."

Pete showed little interest. He took off his gloves, the side of his right hand was covered in fresh blood. Pete watched fascinated as the blood trickled down his fingers, the bright red contrasting with the black oil "A lot of traffic around tonight."

Little Ray looked at the paint marks on Pete's chair, and then at Pete "The trouble with you Methanol Pete is that you can't remember that you are on a combo, not a solo." Little Ray looked over at the crowd by the stall. " AH, there's GR. I must go and give him a pat on the back. Bye the bye, who's that with him?"

Cecil, who had just joined the pair, put on a knowing look "That's his new girlfriend."

Little Ray sat on the seat of Pete's bike to observe the object of their discussion, then realising how dirty the seat was, got up quickly "I wonder how long it will be before him and Yvonne get back together? I think she's still keen on him."

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